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Xanax Detox

Xanax produces a calming effect by increasing the brain's GABA activity. This medication can be used to treat anxiety disorders and is prescribed for a short period of time because of its potent effects. Detoxification, the elimination of toxic chemicals in the body, is the first necessary step in recovering from a Xanax addiction. As a person detoxes, they can expect to experience a range of symptoms, which may cause complications. The detoxification process can be painful and frightening. In order to detox off Xanax successfully, a person should seek out a medically assisted detox so that they can safely taper off of the medication.

Physical Effects of a Xanax Detox

The more dependent on Xanax the body and brain are, the more intense the period of Xanax detox will be. The process begins once the drug stops being active in the blood plasma. The worst symptoms of withdrawal will usually last one to four days. It is during this time that a person may experience seizures, muscle aches, headaches, nausea, insomnia, heart palpitations, and fever. The type and nature of symptoms during a detox off Xanax will vary from person to person. Going through detox in a medically supervised setting will allow these symptoms to be monitored and safely managed in the most comfortable environment possible.

The Process of Xanax Detox

A person undertaking a medically supervised detox from Xanax may be able to avoid the most intense withdrawal symptoms while following a controlled tapering-off schedule. Sometimes, other medications with longer half-lives, such as Valium, are used to replace Xanax. A small amount of this benzodiazepine can keep cravings and withdrawal symptoms at bay until the Xanax is absent from the bloodstream. This tapering-off method of Xanax detox is often paired with other therapy methods that address psychological symptoms.

Find Help With a Detox From Xanax

You may recognize the symptoms of addiction and withdrawal in yourself or someone you love and know that you need help. But there are many options for a detox from Xanax, and it can be difficult to determine for yourself which program will give you your best chance of success. That's where we come in. You should not feel like you must detox off Xanax alone. If you contact BetterAddictionCare, you will speak confidentially with a compassionate specialist who can help you choose the recovery program near you that will best fit your needs and your budget. Take the first step toward recovery today and call now or fill out our contact form to start healing.

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