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The Menninger Clinic

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The Menninger Clinic

The Menninger Clinic is located in Houston, Texas.
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Rehab Center Details

  • Transitional housing or halfway house

Treatment Options

  • Outpatient

Payment Methods

  • American Express
  • Cash or self-payment
  • Check
  • Discover
  • Mastercard
  • Visa

Accepted Insurances

  • ComPsych
  • MHN


  • Addiction
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Drug Abuse
  • Drug Addiction
  • Intervention center
  • Medical Detox
  • Substance Abuse

Areas of Specialization

  • Obsessive-Compulsive (OCD)

Age Options

  • Adolescents
  • Adults


  • Free Parking
  • Wheelchair Access

Treatment Approach

  • Dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Family Based Treatment

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Google Reviews

The care and attention they provided was EXCELLENT - I'd HIGHLY recommend Menninger Clinic.

Gary Borkowski, 2 years ago

It has been 10 Years ago today since I entered menningers treatment program, I was scared to death coming all the way from my home in MN, where I was inpatient for a month following a suicide attempt, I can only talk positive about the program and how it changed my life and all that I learned well I was there. The skills that I learn well there I use daily and know that they have help me get to the point I am at now. Today also marks 10 Years sober for me. I was hoping to make to trip down there to get my 10 year chip the same place I got my first chip however I am not able to. But I will get my chip back here at home in MN. Yesterday I turned 36 Years old something that 10 Years ago I didn't think I would make it. I am very happy yes still on medication for my mental illness, but much less then in the past. I am happy Home onwer, been at the same employer for 15 Years.

Kelly Holtan, 2 years ago

The adolescent unit worked so hard to help me and I can confidently say that because of menninger I am a stronger and healthier version of myself. All other hospitals I've been to do not even compare to how amazing this place is.

Alexis Mitchell, 2 years ago

Menninger Clinic is amazing. Coming to it as a skeptic of any treatment provider's actually ability to help me change the destructive path I was on, I say this with all honesty: Menninger rocks. The care and insight that they bring to the table is unmatched. I came in suicidal and broken and dependent on all sorts of destructive behaviors to survive, and I left in one piece, positive about life and the world, and excited for my role in it. They helped me put all of the broken pieces of my life back together again, and showed me how life could be worth it. I was on the Compass Young Adults unit, summer of 2012, and the milieu therapy of being surrounded by my peers, and giving and receiving feedback/support, was just as helpful as the therapy provided by the experts and the day-to-day care provided by the nurses and MHAs. It's such a well-balanced, well-structured program, and add to that how beautiful the new facility is... well, let's just say, Menninger is first place in the business of saving lives. Five stars, and highly recommended. Take a chance, give life a chance, and give Menninger the chance to help you put your pieces back together again. It's worth it. By the way, my insurance didn't cover long term 24/7 psych treatment, but I was able to get my insurance to cover treatment at the out-of-network coverage level after a couple of appeals.

Rachel DeYoung, 2 years ago

Our son (diagnosis - schizophrenia) went to Menninger after being in a drug detox program for three weeks. Three stars due to staff in billing and mainly due to minimal emphasis on addiction issues, but excellent place for mental health and stabilization. His stay was 3 1/2 weeks. It helped our son stabilize and was a controlled environment for testing, assessment, etc., which he never would have agreed to under our watch. He became stable here so that he could move on to a long term care facility. The social worker was very helpful in assisting us in finding the right fit for our son and in guiding us in the right direction for his continuous care. Very expensive; their billing could be better laid out so that you could get some reimbursement for non-network coverage. (Example, dividing out the therapy, etc. - I am still waiting for reimbursement, so we shall see). The person in billing was clueless about coinsurance, etc., and refused to contact our insurance company for preauthorization so that we could get reimbursed. She yelled at me "I will not call your insurance company!" okay............. once they have your money, little effort to help you get any of it back from insurance. So, in short, if the person has only mental health issues and you have zero plans of getting anything reimbursed - great place.

mary Jane Burson, 2 years ago

Darline Lavon, 3 years ago

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Mack Bawden, 5 years ago

I stayed at Menninger for about a month and a half at the age of 15. This hospital was a very good and helpful experience. They treated me with the alt most care, and the programs if the same were extremely helpful. I remember Donna and Frank, i can't quite remember anyone else due to the fact that i was ill, but it was a very pleasant and memorable experience. Thank you very much.

Isabella Lañas, 5 years ago

Situated in Houston, Texas, The Menninger Clinic has treatment options for those who are seeking help for drug and alcohol addiction.

Addiction is a progressive disease of the mind that will continue to get worse with time if it goes untreated. It will continue to worsen without the help of a recovery program. It’s important that those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol seek the help of The Menninger Clinic in order to regain the life that has become lost to addiction.

Through a thorough patient evaluation, addicts who attend treatment at The Menninger Clinic can get a personalized treatment plan made. The assessment is intended to depict the severity of the addiction as well as to learn more about the individual themselves. This way, a comprehensive treatment program can be put in place in order to reap the desired result; that being long-lasting abstinence from drugs and alcohol.

Throughout the patient’s time in treatment at The Menninger Clinic, the addict will learn new vital coping mechanisms and trigger management skills. These will help the addict adapt to a new life that is free of substance abuse when they reenter society. Since many addicts relapse, it is inherently important that they avoid certain settings or social circles that will pressure them to use.

At The Menninger Clinic, we believe that all addicts have the courage within to overcome their drug and alcohol addiction. Through the constant support of counselors and professional advisors working with addict’s daily, recovery is possible. Despite how long one has been an addict for, recovery is still absolutely attainable. Treatment is not a one-size-fits-all approach and at The Menninger Clinic, treating each patient with individuality is of utmost importance.

Breaking the vicious cycle of addiction is tough, but with professional counselors and effective treatment options in place, sobriety is closer than it seems. Get in touch with The Menninger Clinic today at www.Menningerclinic.Com to learn more about how recovery can help pave a new life path. When the final level of sustained sobriety is reached, a feeling of contentment will ensue and this is something to be extremely proud of.

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