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Prescription Drug Street Names

By their formal names, prescription drugs sound far different than they do when referred to by slang terms. It's common for people to use prescription drug street names instead of the formal names. People may use a street name for prescription drugs to avoid detection by either law enforcement or family members. Prescription drugs' street names can make it possible to refer to these powerful drugs in conversation without others understanding the references.

Prescription drug street names change regularly, so the terms people use currently to refer to prescription medications may become obsolete a short time in the future. But generally, the slang terms will have some connection to the characteristics of prescription drugs. Street names may be based on the effects of the drug, how people use the drug, or the appearance of the capsules or tablets. Sometimes, the terms are based on abbreviations or expanded forms of medical names.

Slang Terms to Know

  • Gamma-hydroxybutyric acid is a medication prescribed for narcolepsy. People may take this medication to induce euphoria. On the street, GHB may be called "goop," "soap," "G," or "liquid X."
  • Ketamine is a veterinary medication that some people take recreationally. Street names for this drug include "vitamin K," "Kit Kat," and "cat Valium."
  • Dextromethorphan is a common ingredient in cold medications, and people take it to induce hallucinations. Street names for this medicine include "dex," "velvet," and "robo."
  • Benzodiazepines are depressant drugs often prescribed for anxiety. The slang terms for these drugs include "chill pills," "French fries," and "blues."
  • Stimulant prescription drugs include dextroamphetamine and Adderall. These drugs may be referred to as "vitamin R," "beans," "rid," or "bennies."

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