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Morphine Street Names

When there is a morphine addict or abuser in your life, it's natural for you to want to get them help so they can eventually start the process of addiction recovery. Before you can get them into the top treatment centers available, you want to be certain that they are actually abusing the drug. Unfortunately, like most drugs, morphine has numerous aliases. The street name for morphine is the name that dealers give the drug that they are selling illegally. As someone who cares for a suspected addict, it is important to know what these street names are so that you can recognize when the drug is being talked about. A morphine street name can not only confirm your suspicion that a person is discussing, illegally buying, and abusing it, but it may also let you know if they are using morphine combined with other drugs.

A street name for morphine can at times be a play on the word itself. Street names that are a variation of "morphine sulfate" or "morphine" include "M," "M.S.," "morf," and "morpho." Duramorph is not only considered a common morphine street name, but it is also a brand name for morphine sulfate medication. People are often unfamiliar with the name Duramorph, though, and may not make the connection between it and morphine. Other morphine street names may mention a characteristic of the drug such as color. For instance, names of blue morphine pills include "Mister Blue," "Missi Blue," and "Aunty Blue," while street names for white morphine tablets include "White Stuff" and "White Rain."

Other names reflect the sense of euphoria that comes from using the drug. These include "big dreamer," "dreamer," "God's drug," and "dreamsicle." Other popular nicknames for morphine include "Miss Emma," "unkie," "hows," "emsel," "Mr. Emsel," "monkey," and Roxanol. When morphine is mixed with other illicit drugs, these combinations are also given names by the individuals who peddle and abuse them. "Cotton brothers," for example, is the street name for morphine that's been combined with both heroin and cocaine. Combined cocaine and morphine is called "C & M," after the first letter of each drug, or it may also be called a "speedball."

If you or a friend or loved one are abusing morphine, it's important to get help now and avoid the many side effects of morphine abuse and addiction, which could potentially include coma or even death. There are numerous considerations to keep in mind when attempting to find the right treatment center. Depending on the level of care needed, it important to know whether a center provides inpatient services or if they offer alternative rehab programs. You'll likely want to find a treatment center that's located near you, provides individualized, professional care, and is accepting new patients. BetterAddictionCare is here to help. We work with a nationwide rehabilitation and recovery network, and facilities that are a part of our network are staffed by highly trained physicians and counselors to provide you with the level and quality of care that you need. Get on the right path and start healing by filling out our confidential assessment form to help us find the best match for your needs, or use our toll-free number and call today.

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