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Heroin Statistics

Heroin Use Statistics

Heroin is an opioid drug derived from poppy flowers, usually found in the form of a white or brown powder or taken in the form of an injection. It is a highly addictive substance and creates a very high level of dependency, meaning that an addict must use more of the drug over time to achieve the same effect and will experience uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms if the drug is discontinued or the dose they take is lessened. The research surrounding heroin statistics exposes the dangerous consequences of its use. Overdose from heroin can cause breathing difficulty, permanent brain damage, or even death. Heroin use also has many social and emotional consequences and inhibits the user from performing many day-to-day functions.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, more than 4 million Americans have used heroin at least once, and 23% of those who have used it become addicted. Heroin use statistics by state show that heroin addiction is on the rise more in some parts of the country than others. Almost all of the states in the northeastern quarter of the country, from Illinois to Maine, saw significant increases in the number of heroin-related fatalities from 2014 to 2015, with some states, like Massachusetts, seeing a more than 25% jump. Heroin use statistics by state point to California as having the most overdose deaths in 2015, a staggering 4,659. All but nine of the 50 states experienced increases in heroin overdose deaths.

Heroin Addiction Recovery: Get Help Now

These heroin death statistics are alarming and can serve as a wake-up call to many heroin addicts or their loved ones, who might question what they can do to overcome their addiction. It is possible to get sober and start healing. Many former users have been able to successfully achieve freedom from the drug and return to living fulfilling lives. Heroin statistics point to much higher recovery rates when rehab is done with a network of support like the one we provide. There are many alternative rehab programs available, including both inpatient and outpatient options, and one of them is right for you. Let us help you find it.

Heroin recovery statistics show that it is possible to recover from addiction and get your life back. Partners in our recovery network are accepting new patients now, so call today to speak with a counselor or take our assessment and find the right addiction recovery program near you. Calls are 100% confidential. Our highly trained, professional staff will provide you with an individualized pre-screening to determine the best match for you in one of our top programs. We work with a large recovery network to find you the comfortable, customized, cost-effective treatment you deserve. Avoid being a statistic: Get help now.

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