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Before and After: Cocaine Users

Coke Addicts Before and After Use

People begin taking cocaine for many reasons. They may have problems with violence or negative relationships, may be bored, or might be pressured into doing drugs. Cocaine users before and after beginning taking the drug often have very different perspectives. Someone may start initially looking for a one-time high or just out of curiosity, but things quickly change as they become addicted and their main focus becomes finding more cocaine.

Changes in both mental function and physical appearance affect users of cocaine before and after taking the drug. Short-term effects on addicts of cocaine before and after use include depression, anxiety, paranoia, and an obsession with obtaining more of the drug. Long-term effects can include severe damage to internal organs, high blood pressure, loss of the sense of smell, and delirium. The high is shorter each time, and more cocaine is needed to produce the same feeling. Physically, cocaine users before and after can look very different, as they often lose weight and can develop a bloated face and nose if they commonly snort the drug. Someone who normally would take pride in their appearance before using cocaine may look unkempt when they become addicted due to a lack of sleep and a shifted focus on making finding more cocaine a priority.

The Difference Treatment Can Make Before and After Cocaine Addiction

It is clear that cocaine use can be devastating and can completely change a person's appearance, mental state, and personality. However, recovery is possible. With the right support, coke addicts before and after addiction recovery treatment can also see a great change in their lives, but for the better. Addiction counseling through inpatient or alternative rehab programs can provide you with the support you need to overcome the physical addiction to cocaine and get to the root of the problem to avoid relapse. At Better Addiction Care, we work with you to find the right program through our broad recovery network of treatment centers. We work with a variety of top programs and provide you with an individualized pre-screening to find the best option for you.

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