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PCP Rehab

Abuse of phencyclidine (PCP) can eventually lead to a life-changing addiction that can threaten the integrity of an individual's mind, body, and spirit. Since the side effects of abuse, withdrawal, and detox can vary widely in symptoms and intensity and can also exacerbate co-occurring disorders, it can be prudent to seek professional help for an addiction by admitting yourself into an inpatient PCP rehab. A severe addiction to PCP can require the ongoing support of highly trained medical professionals who can treat the psychological and physical effects of the drug. BetterAddictionCare's extensive recovery network of PCP rehab centers can act as a guiding light for distressed addicts seeking to turn away from the temptations of PCP. Start healing by contacting our compassionate staff and learning how to choose the right rehab center based on your preferences and your particular situation.

Upon admission into a PCP rehab, addicts will be assessed by a team of medical professionals who will determine an immediate course of treatment. In some cases, physicians and psychiatrists will first have to address those symptoms that are currently manifesting in patients before treating the actual addiction. For example, patients who are suffering from delusions or psychosis upon admission may need to be stabilized with antipsychotics for their own well-being as well as the safety of the recovery team.

After physicians address any overt complications arising from drug abuse, those admitted into a PCP rehab will then begin the hard work of detoxing and withdrawing from the substance. Since the specific symptoms of withdrawal can vary between addicts, customized treatment and regular monitoring will play a large role in keeping the detox safe and successful. Co-occurring disorders may also be treated in PCP rehab centers so that the physical and mental wounds of drug addiction can start healing at the same time. The duration of a stay in a PCP rehab can depend on a host of factors, including the severity and type of addiction and daily consumption habits as well as the purity level of the drug that has been regularly ingested. You can find the best rehab facility for your specific situation by accessing our pre-assessment tool and truthfully responding to our questionnaire.

PCP rehab centers provide addicts with the coping skills and strategies that they need to battle some of the stressors in their lives that eventually led to PCP abuse. Continuous addiction counseling can help addicts learn how to combat psychological dependence on the drug and manage cravings that randomly appear even after a lengthy period of abstinence. As clients complete treatment, regain control of their minds and bodies, and make the transition back to normal life, they'll be provided with the foundation of excellent aftercare support services so that the chances for relapse are minimized.

At BetterAddictionCare, we're committed to ensuring that addiction recovery services are accessible to patients when they need them. That's why the facilities in our recovery network offer immediate and 100% confidential admissions. Fill out our contact form or call today to speak with a counselor who can guide you through the process of finding the best rehab for you. Our vast nationwide network is sure to contain inpatient alternative rehab programs near you that accept your private insurance and employ highly trained professionals who specialize in breaking the chains of a PCP addiction.

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