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Painkiller Side Effects

Painkillers have brought great relief to people who are recovering from surgery or who experience chronic pain. These drugs, however, are highly addicting, and thousands of people each year end up with a painkiller addiction. Side effects from these drugs are numerous, and they are particularly pronounced in those who are addicted. Understanding these effects enables people to understand just how harmful pain pills can be over the long term and shows them why they should pursue addiction recovery that treats pain pill addiction side effects safely.

Minor Side Effects

If you or someone you love is addicted to painkillers, side effects of the drugs can be either minor or major. Some of the minor or milder side effects of painkillers include nausea and other gastrointestinal discomfort. Painkiller abuse side effects can also include lethargy or slower reaction times. These in themselves are not necessarily concerning, but they are problematic if the addict wants to operate heavy machinery such as a car. No one should drive while under the influence of pain pills or other painkillers because driving while on pain medication increases the risk of getting into an accident. Thus, painkiller addicts have as much of a need to get sober as alcoholics do.

Major Side Effects

For those who suffer from an addiction to painkillers, side effects can also be more severe and dangerous. Because painkillers are relaxants, combining them with other depressants such as alcohol can be incredibly hazardous and even lead to death because bodily organs relax to such a degree that they stop functioning. Other significant long-term side effects of painkillers can include damage to the heart. Some addicts will also engage in risky behavior such as theft so that they can continue to supply themselves with pain pills, and behaviors such as this can further endanger their health and their lives. Talk to relatives and friends of a person who suffers from pain pill addiction side effects and they will likely tell you that the addict was a different person before taking the drug. The long-term effects of pain pills, they will likely say, have changed their friend or relative drastically.

Help for Your Addiction

To break an addiction to pain medication, it is recommended that an addict enter into professional treatment in one of the many traditional or alternative rehab programs for painkiller addiction. Side effects and withdrawal symptoms are managed in these programs under highly trained medical supervision, helping patients to be more comfortable and increasing their odds of a successful recovery. Let us use our recovery network to match you with the best program for your needs. Call today to speak with a counselor or fill out our contact form. We will help you find a cost-effective addiction recovery program near you so that you can start healing.

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