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Painkiller Detox

Getting over your painkiller addiction will not be an easy process, but it is something that you are capable of achieving when you have the right help. At BetterAddictionCare, we have assisted many painkiller and pain pill addicts in finding the right program to help them detox from pain pills. The specifics of each detox program vary in their details, but all of them exist to help you manage withdrawal symptoms and improve your odds of recovery. Learn about what you can expect from pain pill detox and you will have a better idea of what you are getting into and how it can help you.


When your body goes through painkiller detox, it must learn how to live without the medication to which it has become accustomed. You will likely experience several side effects as you work to get sober, but most of them are not life-threatening. However, the withdrawal symptoms you will likely endure as you detox from painkillers are uncomfortable, and they may encourage you to take the painkillers again for relief. To mitigate the chances of your falling back into an addiction, a good recovery program will do what it can to help make you comfortable as your body adjusts. Often, other medications can be administered by highly trained medical professionals during detoxification to help ease the symptoms of painkiller detox and withdrawal.

Recommended Detox Programs

Most of the programs in our recovery network help people achieve successful addiction recovery not only by easing withdrawal symptoms but by providing personal assistance to help keep addicts from going back to substance abuse after they complete a recovery program. After detox, pain medication will still be available out there, and it can be tempting to return to old habits. In a customized detox program, you will work with a counselor in order to develop better ways of coping with stress and other issues that may have prompted your addiction in the first place. You will also learn how to rebuild relationships that have been harmed by your addiction.

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We are here to serve your needs and help you find the best solution for you so that you can detox from pain pills most comfortably and finally kick your addiction. Our pain pill detox network features programs nationwide, and we can assist you in finding a treatment plan near you. Call today or fill out our contact form and you will be able to speak with a counselor who can help you find the right treatment option. We are ready to help you start healing today.

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