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OxyContin Detox

The decision to pursue addiction recovery is a brave one and should be celebrated. One of the first steps toward recovery from an OxyContin addiction is an OxyContin detox. However, not every detox program is appropriate for every client. For a successful detox, the program should meet the needs of each unique individual. At BetterAddictionCare, our nationwide network of alternative rehab programs takes the time to get to know you and your history in order to create a customized OxyContin detox program.

Detox From OxyContin Safely

A detox from OxyContin involves a slow tapering off of the drug, rather than an abrupt cessation of usage, to help the body and brain adjust to the lack of the chemicals. Instead of OxyContin, medical professionals will use drugs like naltrexone to mimic OxyContin's effect on the body without subjecting the brain to any additional oxycodone. This allows the body to gently acclimatize to normal activity without OxyContin. The length of time required to fully detox from OxyContin varies for each person. The length of time they were addicted, their personal medical history, and any drugs taken alongside OxyContin can all influence how long it will take to completely purge the drug from the body.

It is precisely because of the unique characteristics of every individual that a customized detox is so important. Different bodies react differently to a medication, which means that a standard program may work fine for one person and be completely ineffective for another. An individualized detox from OxyContin, by comparison, ensures a safe, comfortable, and successful transition to sobriety. Detoxification is a critical step in recovery and should be pursued with all due care and attention to detail. However, this care and focus is well worth the effort. Detoxification has been clinically proven to be successful in combating opioid addiction.

Find the Right OxyContin Detox Program

BetterAddictionCare's nationwide recovery network includes alternative rehab programs around the country. We offer a personalized pre-screening to match each and every client with the recovery center best suited to their needs. This customization extends to the OxyContin detox, which will be designed for every client based upon a thorough understanding of their unique medical and addiction history. During and after detoxification, clients will be able to take advantage of addiction counseling. Once detox and rehab are complete, the client will be paired with a local recovery team for post-treatment support. All of our services are 100% confidential, and our recovery network is always accepting new patients. If you or a loved one are suffering from OxyContin addiction, don't wait to reach out for help. Fill out our contact form or call today to locate a detox program near you and start healing.

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