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Oxycodone Side Effects

Often, the side effects of oxycodone can present difficulties that negate the temporary good feelings that the drug can produce. These short- and long-term side effects can mirror common illnesses and disorders and can even lead to serious diseases. If you're wondering, "What are the side effects of oxycodone?" look no further than Better Addiction Care. We've got all the answers that you seek. In addition, our recovery network includes talented professionals who specialize in helping addicts leave addiction to oxycodone and its side effects behind.

While taking the drug as prescribed, the initial side effects of oxycodone can be short-term and may even be classified as pleasant. Relaxation, euphoria, pain relief, and sedation are commonly experienced after ingestion. Nausea, headaches, dizziness, and constipation, however, can also accompany low doses, with higher concentrations increasing symptoms' severity. Abuse can lead to more serious side effects like breathing difficulties and low blood pressure. When addicts enter an inpatient facility, side effects will be assessed during intake so that physicians can develop individualized courses of treatment.

It's possible for side effects of oxycodone to manifest as allergic reactions. Symptoms may include itching and rashes. Swelling of the mouth and facial features, a tight feeling in the chest, and breathing problems may also follow consumption of oxycodone. Rare side effects or allergic reactions may necessitate customized treatment plans. These plans can supplement addiction counseling so that detox and withdrawal efforts can be safe, comfortable, and ultimately successful.

The long-term effects of oxycodone abuse can cause physiological and psychological changes that many users don't expect. Kidney and liver damage and failure have been linked to overuse of the drug, especially in formulations including acetaminophen. In addition, oxycodone abuse can result in cognitive difficulty and may even lead to psychological dependence, which can present problems even after an addiction recovery program has been completed.

Oxycodone side effects can be exacerbated if users have certain underlying illnesses or disorders that contraindicate the drug. For example, a tendency to suffer from convulsions may develop in addicts if they have been diagnosed with epilepsy, metabolic disorders, or central nervous system infections. Individuals who have experienced head trauma may also respond to the drug with convulsions. Long-term effects of oxycodone can include a high tolerance for the drug, which can complicate life for those who depend on it to relieve or manage pain.

We at BetterAddictionCare are committed to bringing you the very best in recovery treatment. As part of the initial detox process, medical specialists will ask, "What are the side effects of oxycodone that you are currently experiencing?" and will then develop customized plans to address all of the specific issues that you are facing. The highly trained professionals in our recovery network are prepared to alleviate the most common and rarest of oxycodone side effects, ensuring that your withdrawal process is as comfortable as possible. If you'd like to find a rehab center that is approved by your private insurance, call today to speak with a counselor and receive suggestions about specific facilities that are accepting new patients. You may also take our pre-assessment to learn more about your options for overcoming oxycodone side effects.

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