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Private Drug Rehab Centers in Toledo, Ohio

In Toledo, Ohio, the most commonly abused drugs have shifted with time. While traditionally abused substances still factor into many instances of addiction, current rehab statistics point to Ohio residents adapting to nationwide trends. For example, though marijuana use is still a significant problem in the area, the synthetic version of the drug has risen in popularity and accounts for an increase of admissions into rehab centers in Toledo, Ohio. At BetterAddictionCare, we're keenly aware of drug addiction trends that are sweeping the nation, as well as the region-specific ones that have plagued Ohio for decades. If you or someone you love is addicted to drugs, take our pre-assessment test and find a rehab center near you that is accepting new patients.

The most popular and widely abused drugs in the Toledo area, include crack cocaine, narcotics, and sedative-hypnotics. Heroin, especially the "China White" variety, remains incredibly common in the region and the use of bath salts is increasing to troubling levels. Rehab facilities in Toledo, Ohio have been successful in developing specialized programs that address dependencies to each of these drugs. In addition, their forward-thinking philosophies have helped to combat burgeoning drug trends by creating treatment plans for particularly dangerous substances, such as fentanyl.

Fentanyl has greatly contributed to the number of drug addiction cases in the region. In 2014, fatal overdoses associated with fentanyl abuse increased by nearly 500% in Ohio. The drug's emergence is a natural outgrowth of the prescription narcotic epidemic and Toledo's history with heroin abuse. Since heroin can be cut with fentanyl and bears a similar appearance to the drug, fentanyl poses a significant threat to public health. Inpatient rehab centers in Toledo, Ohio have customized their programs to address this specific problem and the individual needs of their clients. As addictions to fentanyl can be particularly severe, highly-trained professionals oversee safe, medically-assisted detox, so that clients can start healing safely in a supportive environment.

Drug abuse and addiction are not confined to the inner city of Toledo. Rehabilitation centers in the region have seen a surge in patients who reside in outlaying rural areas. These patients' addictions mirror greater Ohio drug abuse trends by featuring dependencies to fentanyl and methamphetamine. Rehab facilities in Toledo, Ohio have developed alternative rehab programs to address the specific challenges of addiction recovery that clients from rural areas face. Search our recovery network for rehab centers in Toledo that specialize in creating individualized treatment plans.

At BetterAddictionCare, we host an extensive, nationwide recovery network that includes top rehab centers in Toledo. Rehabilitation centers featured in our directory offer superior addiction counseling services for patients in the throes of severe dependencies, as well as continued aftercare support services for addicts who successfully complete inpatient treatment. To obtain quality, cost-effective recovery services, call today to speak with a counselor and find the right program that accepts your private insurance. If you live outside of the immediate Toledo region, our resourceful counselors can coordinate transportation services on your behalf.

Lucas County Tasc Program

701 Jefferson Avenue Suite 101 ToledoOhio  43604
Google Rating: 2.8


1916 North 12th Street ToledoOhio  43604
Google Rating: 5

Lucas County Family Council

1946 North 13th Street, Suite 420 ToledoOhio  43604

Philio New Concepts

5301 Nebraska Avenue ToledoOhio  43615
Google Rating: 3.8

Unison Health

544 East Woodruff Avenue ToledoOhio  43604
Google Rating: 3.8

Arbors At Toledo

2920 Cherry Street ToledoOhio  43608

C.p.w Rehab

3130 Central Park West , Suite A ToledoOhio  43617
Google Rating: 4.8

Community Living Options

2001 Collingwood Boulevard ToledoOhio  43620

Connecting Point

1212 Cherry Street ToledoOhio  43608

Trc _ Go Life

Toledo, OH ToledoOhio  43613

Harbor Behavioral Health

6629 W Central Avenue ToledoOhio  43617
Google Rating: 3

Zepf Center

6605 West Central Avenue ToledoOhio  43617
Google Rating: 3.6

Glenbeigh Center Of Toledo

3425 Executive Parkway, Suite 207 ToledoOhio  43606

Zepf Center - Sasi

2005 Ashland Avenue ToledoOhio  43620
Google Rating: 3.9

Zepf Center

508 Hawley St ToledoOhio  43607
Google Rating: 3.4

Connecting Point Annex

535 West Delaware Street ToledoOhio  43610

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Step One Club
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