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Recovery Works Columbus

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Recovery Works Columbus

Recovery Works Columbus is located in Columbus, Ohio.
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Google Reviews

This place is fantastic! The RAs are great and I really like that many RAs, doctors and therapists are all recovering addicted for many years. Which really makes a difference to feeling understood. The best part is all the AA and NA meetings we do every day because when I got out I felt so at home at new outside meetings. I knew the opening reading and how to close out the meetings. We would go to church, outside meetings, bible studies and fun outtings on fridays if you work out all week. There were plenty of smoke breaks, a volleyball net, a basketball hoop, a ping pong table, books, games, tons of art supplies, a small garden and many people would sunbathe. There’s Netflix and movies for free time, the rooms are clean and the food is great! There’s a little salad bar too! Everyone loves the food plus the mini fridge is always full, and you can have snacks or fruit and sandwiches all day and night. Virginia brings her little Yorkie in and she’s adorable. You get visitations on weekends and can make phone calls Sunday’s and Thursday! The nurses are great and help get you on a routine for taking your meds. I admit I miss it and kinda want to go back (sober lol)!! The best place to recover and have support! Also it’s not like it was in the beginning of 2018. Then there was limited smoke breaks and like no sugar and way more strict but it’s definately not like that! My best friend would smoke a pack and a half a day there seriously lol and Monday’s the executives are there for a meeting with everyone so you can praise or raise concerns! Great way to feel heard

Lila Kincaid, 2 years ago

A Great place to recover. the staff is great. the food is good. Most importantly they really care about getting you well.

Lori T, 2 years ago

I loved this place. I miss chain smoking cigs with all my rehab heros!

Eric Meadows, 2 years ago

ALL of the staff was wonderful. I had a great experience for my 1st and hopefully only time. I learned a lot. TY to each and everyone of you.

Lee Spencer, 2 years ago

My stay here could not have gone any better. I felt like the staf was truly in tune with my needs. Would definitely recommend.

Surch Ability, 3 years ago

I am a employee of this facility and I take great pride in helping every patient that steps into our facility. We have a wonderful loving staff. I am proud to be a employee of Recovery Works. The hardest moments is watching the loved ones come through the door to drop the one they have so much love and hope for off. The greatest moments are watching the patients get life back into them. I am proud of what we do here.

Misty Ross, 3 years ago

Extremely friendly and professional staff. Would recommend to friends and family.

Paige Henry, 3 years ago

Situated in Columbus, Ohio, Recovery Works Columbus has treatment options for those who are seeking help for drug and alcohol addiction.

Addiction is a progressive disease of the mind that will continue to get worse with time if it goes untreated. It will continue to worsen without the help of a recovery program. It’s important that those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol seek the help of Recovery Works Columbus in order to regain the life that has become lost to addiction.

Through a thorough patient evaluation, addicts who attend treatment at Recovery Works Columbus can get a personalized treatment plan made. The assessment is intended to depict the severity of the addiction as well as to learn more about the individual themselves. This way, a comprehensive treatment program can be put in place in order to reap the desired result; that being long-lasting abstinence from drugs and alcohol.

Throughout the patient’s time in treatment at Recovery Works Columbus, the addict will learn new vital coping mechanisms and trigger management skills. These will help the addict adapt to a new life that is free of substance abuse when they reenter society. Since many addicts relapse, it is inherently important that they avoid certain settings or social circles that will pressure them to use.

At Recovery Works Columbus, we believe that all addicts have the courage within to overcome their drug and alcohol addiction. Through the constant support of counselors and professional advisors working with addict’s daily, recovery is possible. Despite how long one has been an addict for, recovery is still absolutely attainable. Treatment is not a one-size-fits-all approach and at Recovery Works Columbus, treating each patient with individuality is of utmost importance.

Breaking the vicious cycle of addiction is tough, but with professional counselors and effective treatment options in place, sobriety is closer than it seems. Get in touch with Recovery Works Columbus today at pinnacletreatment.Com to learn more about how recovery can help pave a new life path. When the final level of sustained sobriety is reached, a feeling of contentment will ensue and this is something to be extremely proud of.

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