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Treatment For Alcohol And Drug Abuse in Glen Cove, New York

Purchased in 1668, the area in and around Glen Cove was to become a thriving community. Because of its proximity to the water, Glen Cove became a refuge for people looking to escape King Philip's War. Today, it is still used as a refuge for those seeking rehab services. The process of walking away from substance abuse isn't always easy, but with a highly trained staff and a comfortable environment, many patients find the key to successful addiction recovery.

If you need a refuge from your addiction or substance abuse, BetterAddictionCare is here to help. We understand the mix of emotions that you may be experiencing. Families often see a Glen Cove rehab center as the perfect starting point for their loved one, and we'll work to coordinate this experience, arranging for transportation when necessary and working with your private insurance to create a cost-effective rehab opportunity. Our pre-screening process can determine the treatment program that will be best for you and your family. Fill out our contact form for more information.

Many families look at multiple intervention strategies before sitting down with a loved one to talk about addiction and substance abuse. Once that conversation takes place, the goal is to find one of the top locations for Glen Cove rehabilitation. Upon admission, patients often speak with a counselor, learning more about what the rehab center has to offer and finding out which services will be most effective for the individual. The goal is always to create a customized program that allows you to get help now.

In a Glen Cove rehab program, you can expect to take advantage of services like addiction counseling. Patients are able to talk about their own situations in one-on-one sessions designed to create a safe place to speak freely. From there, it is possible to take a closer look into what led to the drug or alcohol abuse in the first place and how to avoid these situations in the future. Patients come out of treatment armed with the necessary coping skills to make it easier to transition back into their lives.

Because being able to stay clean is so important, we create recovery teams located near you. You can use these resources for support as you regain your independence and begin to establish your new life. You want to do more than get sober: You want to stay sober. Whether you live in Glen Cove or somewhere else in the country, these arrangements can be made to assist with your recovery after inpatient services from a Glen Cove rehab.

When the time comes to enroll at a Glen Cove rehab center, call BetterAddictionCare. Our professionals can make the transition easier, allowing you to start healing. Even if you aren't sure about Glen Cove rehabilitation, we can help, as we have a nationwide recovery network that can help you find the right place to get sober, many of which are accepting new patients right away.

North Shore Univ Hospital Glen Cove

101 Saint Andrews Lane Glen CoveNew York  11542

Melillo Center

113 Glen Cove Avenue Glen CoveNew York  11542
Google Rating: 3.3

Sco Family Of Services

1 Alexander Place Glen CoveNew York  11542
Google Rating: 2.3

Local NA/AA Meetings in Glen Cove, New York

#1 Group

St. Patricks RC Church
08:00 PM

First Baptist Church

Recovery Down the Hill Group Just For Today Study
07:00 PM

Trinity Lutheran Church

Real Deal Group Candlelight, Discussion/Participation
08:00 PM
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