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Ecstasy Abuse

It may seem like indulging in a hit of Ecstasy is harmless fun. The drug gives users a long-lasting high, occasionally accompanied by hallucinations. However, a single dose of Ecstasy, which may not contain any MDMA at all, can result in heatstroke, liver failure, and a higher likelihood of risky behavior. Prolonged Ecstasy drug abuse can have more severe consequences, like nerve damage or death. It's difficult to know exactly what's in an Ecstasy pill, as the production of the drug is unregulated. Many contain mixtures of small amounts of MDMA as well as cocaine, heroin, PCP, rat poison, and other chemicals.

What Does Ecstasy Do?

Ecstasy works on the brain to produce excess serotonin and dopamine, creating a sense of enhanced empathy, relaxation, and physical excitement. After the high wears off, these feelings are replaced by a sense of depression, lightheadedness, and nausea. Ecstasy also elevates the user's heart rate, effectively raising their temperature and placing the user at risk of heart disease or failure. When Ecstasy is combined with other drugs, like alcohol, the effects become more varied and more dangerous. Over time, prolonged Ecstasy abuse can damage the brain and lead to the development of kidney, liver, or heart disease.

Signs of Ecstasy Abuse

Ecstasy abuse is signaled by an escalating dependence on the drug to achieve happiness and the same high that was obtained by initial use. Users may also fall into financial strife due to spending more and more money on the drug. A psychological indication of Ecstasy drug abuse is that the user may spend more and more time thinking about the drug and its effects. Users may also neglect daily responsibilities and social functions in favor of getting high. Intense symptoms of withdrawal can occur, leading to drug use more frequently as a way to avoid these uncomfortable feelings.

What to Do if Abuse Is Present

If you or someone you love is displaying signs of Ecstasy drug abuse, don't wait to seek help. At BetterAddictionCare, our nationwide addiction counseling and recovery network is only a call or click away. Our services are 100% confidential, and our focus is on providing safe, comfortable addiction recovery. Facility admissions are immediate regardless of whether the center provides inpatient or outpatient care, and after treatment concludes, we'll give you a committed Recovery Team to provide continuing support. Transportation and private insurance requirements can be coordinated through our team of highly trained staff, and individuals will undergo a safe, medically assisted detox supervised by a professional. Call today or fill out our contact form to get help now and start healing.

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