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Ecstasy Addiction

Parties are a great place to find good music, new friends, and dancing. However, parties can also be places to find an addictive drug called Ecstasy. This psychoactive drug can be very dangerous to use, especially since as an illegal drug, its production is unregulated, so you have only the seller's word that what you're taking is a pure substance. If you're dependent on Ecstasy, treatment for Ecstasy addiction should be pursued as soon as possible, as only one dose of the drug is enough to cause permanent bodily damage or even death. At BetterAddictionCare, we can work with you to find successful, safe, cost-effective Ecstasy addiction treatment near you.

What Is Ecstasy?

Ecstasy is also known as methylenedioxymethamphetamine, or MDMA. It was created in 1912, and in 1953, it was used by the military as an experimental tool to facilitate psychological warfare. By the 1980s, MDMA had claimed a place at parties. In 1985, MDMA was finally made illegal after the dangers of the drug became apparent. MDMA has many different names on the street, including "roll," "E," "Cadillac," and "Molly." Many dealers "cut" their product with other drugs that are cheaper or easier to get, making it difficult to determine what percentage of a dose, if any, is actually MDMA. MDMA gives the user a sense of euphoria, enhanced perception and sensation, heightened confidence, and hallucinations. Thanks to the unknown concoction of drugs used in its production, the first dose of Molly can be deadly.

When is it an Addiction?

An addiction is a compulsive desire to use a substance more and more frequently to achieve a high. The early signs of MDMA addiction mimic those of the flu: nausea, chills, overheating, and a quickened heartbeat. Signs of Molly addiction might also include confusion, a tendency to clench the jaw, and an inability to gauge time. As Molly addiction stretches for longer and longer spans of time, the risks grow to include brain damage, damaged nerve endings, kidney failure, depression, and death.

When to Seek Help

Molly addiction doesn't have to go on for years to be dangerous. A single dose is enough to produce convulsions, extreme hallucinations, or death. MDMA addiction should be treated as soon as possible to reduce the risk of permanent damage. If you or a loved one notice signs of Molly addiction, it's a good idea to get help now. Better Addiction Care's 100% confidential services can help you find Ecstasy addiction treatment in your area and figure out which is the best program for you. A pre-screening assessment will lay the foundation for you to get individualized treatment for Ecstasy addiction, and we'll match you with a committed recovery team to provide support after treatment concludes. Fill out our contact form or call today to get more information on alternative rehab programs and start healing.

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