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Marijuana Withdrawal

Quitting marijuana is one of the best things you can do to improve your health. Successful addiction recovery means that the side effects of marijuana use go away, and once you are off of weed, you can devote the time you once spent getting high to more worthwhile endeavors. As you get sober, however, you will go through a process of withdrawal as your body becomes accustomed to life without the drug. Because of the marijuana withdrawal symptoms you will likely experience, it is wise to get professional addiction counseling and supervision from a highly trained specialist.

Why Does Withdrawal Happen?

Like with other drugs, marijuana causes alterations in your brain chemistry that make your body's functioning dependent on the substance. Weed withdrawal symptoms occur because your physical chemistry has to return to normal once you have been successful in quitting the drug. Complete withdrawal from weed can take some time, for your body has to metabolize all of the chemicals that the drug has introduced into your system. It may be several weeks before your body is fully cleansed. Because each person has a unique response to marijuana withdrawal, individualized treatment under the watchful care of a qualified medical team is often the best way to start healing.

Common Withdrawal Symptoms

Although every marijuana user's experience of withdrawal will differ, there are common symptoms of marijuana withdrawal that most addicts experience whether they quit the drug on their own, at a traditional rehab facility, or through one of the many alternative rehab programs we can put you in touch with. Changes in mood such as depression are often experienced during withdrawal, and this is why professional supervision is important, because it can help keep the depression for spiraling out of control. Headaches and physical cravings also tend to occur during a person's withdrawal from marijuana. These symptoms can be alleviated through proper medical treatment, which is one reason why our nationwide recovery network includes facilities where suitable medical personnel can oversee your rehabilitation as you experience weed withdrawal symptoms.

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Those who undergo safe and comfortable detox and recovery treatment often have a better chance of kicking marijuana for good. At BetterAddictionCare, we can help you find the best recovery program for you. To find the right place where you can get assistance as you experience marijuana withdrawal symptoms, fill out our contact form. We'll help you navigate the insurance questions and everything else you need to get cost-effective treatment.

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