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Marijuana Side Effects

Why do people use marijuana? The essential answer is that marijuana, also known as weed, gives the user a high, a sensation of great happiness. As a consequence, many people each year become addicted to the drug. Yet the high that people get comes at a great consequence. There are, in fact, many negative effects of weed that make it not worth it to take the drug. In the short term, many of these effects may not seem all that problematic. But the damage that marijuana can do in the long term makes it imperative that addicts and abusers of marijuana pursue addiction recovery from a top program so that they can kick the habit and prevent themselves from destroying their bodies and their lives.

Short-Term Effects of Marijuana

The first category of marijuana side effects are short-term effects. For example, it is common for marijuana users to get very hungry while they are doing the drug. Dry mouth is also a side effect that many users of marijuana experience. As a consequence of these side effects of smoking weed, it may be difficult for users to be comfortable while they are using the substance. Temporary discomfort, however, is the least of the marijuana user's problems when it comes to the drug. The long-term effects of weed are far more worrisome and can cause enduring physical and mental damage if the user does not get sober with the help of a highly trained professional who specializes in addiction counseling and recovery.

Long-Term Side Effects of Marijuana

Over the long haul, there are many negative effects of weed. For many people, marijuana serves as a gateway drug through which their resistance to drug use is lowered and they become more willing to try other substances that are even more damaging than marijuana. Those who are using even harder drugs than marijuana have an even greater need to speak with a counselor who can help them break their addiction. Other long-term effects of marijuana include a potential decline in IQ as well as relationship problems such as violence. Addicts who have used weed for many years may also experience great financial distress, as they have to pay for more and more drugs to get the same high that a small amount of marijuana once gave them.

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