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Marijuana Detox

Whether you've used marijuana only once or for a long period of time, it's important to know that stopping use will not immediately cleanse your body of the drug. In fact, your body will have to go through a period of marijuana detox before any trace of the drug will be gone from your system. Many addicts suffer great discomfort during this process, so it's wise to get help from an addiction recovery program that features highly trained medical staff to monitor addicts and help them while their bodies cleanse themselves of the drug. Going into these programs, it is helpful to be aware of just what to expect from the weed detox process.

Detox Basics

What is it about weed that causes the body to require a detox? Marijuana introduces certain chemicals into the human body when it is used, and these chemicals can be detected in bodily fluids such as blood, saliva, and urine. They are also found in the hair, fingernails, and fat cells of users. The body must metabolize these chemicals and pass them out through the excretory system before all of the effects of marijuana use will wear off. The body will do this normally, but it takes time, as chemicals have been detected in some users as long as four weeks after the last marijuana use. When you detox from weed, there will also be some kind of withdrawal as your body reacts to the changes while you get sober. These withdrawal symptoms make it imperative for many people to seek individualized treatment through one of the many traditional or alternative rehab programs available.

Detox and Withdrawal

What might happen as you detox from marijuana that would make it necessary to receive inpatient treatment at a drug rehab center? Psychologically, those who are going through detox from marijuana may experience great anxiety or even paranoia, and such conditions can lead users in the detox process to harm themselves. And there are physical symptoms, too. When you undergo weed detox, you might experience a high fever or weakness that would be wise to have under medical supervision. Other bodily pains are commonly experienced as well.

Professional Detox Help

The bottom line is that your marijuana detox will be safer and have an increased likelihood of success when you pursue professional treatment. The client care specialists at BetterAddictionCare can help you speak with a counselor at a cost-effective addiction recovery provider who will be able to tell if you need guided treatment. Call today for more information, or fill out our contact form. Our network of providers is accepting new patients, and we can help you navigate private insurance requirements to make the process more affordable for you.

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