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Klonopin Side Effects

Since the mid-1970s, Klonopin has been used to treat anxiety and seizures, and its success in doing so explains its widespread use. Without a doubt, Klonopin, which is the brand-name version of the drug clonazepam, has done much good. However, the category of medicines to which Klonopin belongs is highly addictive. Thus, many people have ended up abusing the drug and suffering from the long-term side effects of Klonopin. If you have been prescribed the drug, you are at risk of abuse, and you should get treatment right away if you suspect that you have become addicted.

Klonopin's Immediate Effects

The long-term effects of Klonopin are many, but there are also immediate effects from the drug. In the short term, those who take Klonopin will experience both physical and mental relaxation. When they speak with a counselor, those who are on Klonopin generally report reduced anxiety and no more racing thoughts. They also find it easier to relax, and they experience fewer seizures. Short-term Klonopin medication side effects also include a feeling of euphoria. People can quickly become dependent on the drug because of these short-term side effects, but it's worth noting that not all immediate effects of Klonopin are enjoyable. Klonopin can also cause drowsiness, which can put individuals on the drug in danger if they are driving or operating large machines.

Klonopin's Longer-Term Effects

But what are the side effects of Klonopin that prompt people to enroll in one of our traditional or alternative rehab programs? Many people on Klonopin report entering into episodes of depression after beginning the program. Others who are in addiction recovery treatment for Klonopin abuse report that the drug makes it hard for them to remember certain facts and events. Paranoia is not uncommon, either, and some individuals experience heightened aggression. If you are experiencing such effects, the chances are good that you have become addicted and should consider pursuing individualized treatment so that you can deal with the problem and stop suffering from Klonopin abuse effects.

Get the Help You Need

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