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Fentanyl Withdrawal

Despite the fact that a fentanyl overdose can cause death, many people each year still become addicted to the drug. Once you are hooked on it, recovery on your own is difficult because the drug is highly addictive. Additionally, fentanyl withdrawal symptoms can be quite grueling, which prompts many people to go back to taking the drug when they try to quit on their own. Your best chance of success in enduring fentanyl patch withdrawal symptoms without going back on the drug is to enroll in a medically supervised detox program. During professional addiction recovery treatment, measures are taken to lessen the discomfort of the withdrawal symptoms of fentanyl in order to improve your odds of successfully beating your addiction to this opioid.

Common Withdrawal Symptoms for Fentanyl

Some of the worst symptoms of fentanyl withdrawal are the cramps that are associated with the drug. Since fentanyl is often prescribed to treat pain, those who seek freedom from an addiction they developed while under a prescription must endure strong, painful muscle cramps. These will subside after a time, but they can be excruciating while they last. Under a customized addiction counseling and treatment program supervised by medical professionals, steps can be taken to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible during your withdrawal.

Fatigue and insomnia are other common symptoms of withdrawal from fentanyl patches. Highly trained medical personnel can address these symptoms and help you get needed rest when you are enrolled in the right treatment program. They can also ease the nausea, fever, and headaches that are sometimes a part of fentanyl withdrawal.

Fentanyl and Other Drugs

Adding to the potential dangers of withdrawal, fentanyl is often mixed with other addictive drugs when it is sold on the streets and consumed by addicts. Fentanyl withdrawal symptoms when you have been taking the drug mixed with other narcotics can be even more intense than withdrawal from a prescribed form of fentanyl. You will also need treatment to recover from the addictions you may have developed to the drugs mixed with fentanyl. Particularly in these cases, safe, customized treatment under medical supervision is essential for success.

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