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Drug Intake and Completion Rehab Process

Addiction is a disease that requires individualized care and treatment, and for many addicts, the path to recovery begins in a professional treatment center. Rehab centers offer a supervised environment, immediate access to medical care, on-site counseling, and a strong center of peer support. The majority of a stay in rehab is dedicated to the goal of restoring the body and mind to good health. However, the beginning and end of a stay in rehab also contribute important assets to recovery.

Intake: The First Step of the Drug Rehab Process

The recovery process for drug addiction has to begin somewhere, and in the world of substance abuse treatment, that starting point is referred to as the intake. During intake, the client discloses their own unique addiction history so that treatment can be adjusted as necessary based on the length of the addiction, the substance or substances used, and the level of physical dependence. Intake also includes a preliminary medical exam and drug test. This part of intake will also make medical staff aware of any pre-existing conditions to consider in planning your treatment, such as pregnancy, any mental health considerations, and any STIs. After the physical checks, patients will fill out financial paperwork, speak with a counselor or coordinator about the details of their rehabilitation plan, and be introduced to the facility.

Detox and Rehabilitation

Depending on the substance used and the length of the addiction, a patient may require a medically assisted detox to keep them safe and comfortable during withdrawal. Detoxification will ensure that all traces of illicit substances are removed from the body, allowing the patient to continue recovery with a healthy foundation. After detox, patients can focus on the core aspects of their recovery through rehabilitation. This process typically includes individual and group addiction counseling, behavioral therapy, and introspective exercises. It is during this portion of recovery that individuals will learn about the development of their addiction, any behavioral tendencies that may have enabled their addiction, and how to correct these behaviors and cope with future temptations.

Completion of the Recovery Process for Drug Addiction

Completing the drug rehab process is a phenomenal achievement, but it doesn't mean that the work of recovery is done. When the rehab program ends, patients may be put into contact with local support groups or an aftercare check-in program. These programs help provide crucial support and encouragement as patients adjust to their new, sober life. The end of a drug rehab program marks the beginning of a new, healthy future, and at BetterAddictionCare, we believe that every individual should have the opportunity to find a program that serves them well from start to finish.

Finding the right rehab program can seem imposing, but it can be easier with BetterAddictionCare's pre-screening assessment. We'll help search through our nationwide recovery network of inpatient, outpatient, and alternative rehab programs and determine the best program match for you or a loved one. The facilities in our network are always accepting new patients, and our team of highly trained client care specialists can help coordinate any transportation and public or private insurance requirements, allowing you to enter rehab without unnecessary delay.

The rehab process provides the critical support necessary for a successful recovery. Let us help you begin that journey. Call today or fill out our contact form to get help now and start healing from substance abuse.

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