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Alcoholic Son

Few things are more heart-wrenching than learning that your son has a problem with alcohol. Although discovering that a child is an alcoholic is hard news indeed, the good thing is that once you know there is a problem, you can help with a situation that might otherwise have gone undetected. If you are trying to figure out how to help an alcoholic son, the answer will depend largely on whether he is an adult or a teenager. Ultimately, however, your goal is the same either way: to get your child into a professional addiction recovery program.

If He Is a Teen

In some ways, it is easier to know how to deal with an alcoholic son if he is a teenager and still lives at home. After all, you have more control over him, so you can cut off the availability of alcohol more easily than if he lives elsewhere. When you find out your teen is an alcoholic, the first step to helping him get sober is to make sure he cannot get a drink. This can involve things such as suspending his allowance or taking away his access to the family car. Second, you'll want to find a program staffed by highly trained medical and counseling personnel who have a proven track record of dealing with teenage alcohol abuse. We can help connect you with a solution when you contact us. Our recovery network includes many facilities nationwide that are skilled at handling teenage alcohol addiction.

If He Is an Adult

It is much harder to know how to deal with an alcoholic son who is an adult. After all, it will be practically impossible to cut off the availability of alcohol to him. He may also resent your intervention more than he would if he were still a teen. Being accustomed to living by his own rules, he will likely be more difficult to convince of his need to enter treatment than he would be if he were younger. That does not mean that there are not things that you can do. You can schedule an intervention, for example, in which you explain the problems his addiction has caused, suggest a treatment, and impose consequences if he refuses. Those who regularly educate parents about how to help an alcoholic son will tell you that you must be willing to carry through with those consequences if treatment is refused.

Get Help for Your Son

Dealing with an alcoholic son can be difficult, but you should not give up hope. Our addiction treatment specialists have assisted many parents in finding the right treatment solution for their children. The providers in our addiction recovery network are accepting new patients now, and they are eager to provide safe, comfortable treatment for your son. Call today or fill out our contact form for more information on how you can stand with your son as he pursues sobriety.

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