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Alcoholic Hotlines

As rates of alcohol abuse continue to skyrocket, addicts and their loved ones find themselves desperate for solutions to their addictions. Many of them turn to an alcoholic hotline in order to get immediate help for their needs. While these hotlines can be an important tool, addicts and their loved ones should understand their limitations and advantages. Armed with this knowledge, they can use the various alcohol abuse hotline options for more effective assistance.

Advantages of Abuse Hotlines

The clearest advantage of an alcoholism hotline is its immediacy. When addicts have nowhere else to turn, a call to a hotline can be the fastest way to keep them from taking the drink that they are trying to avoid. Good addiction hotlines can also help addicts find longer-term treatment. For example, when you call the BetterAddictionCare hotline, our addiction treatment specialists can put you in touch with a quality addiction recovery program near you. Your call thus becomes the means of accessing help that will endure and assist you as you seek to get sober permanently.

Disadvantages of Abuse Hotlines

It is also worth noting the disadvantages of an alcohol addiction hotline. These disadvantages often arise from the ways addicts and their families can misuse them and are not necessarily inherent to the hotlines themselves. For example, individuals who contact an alcoholics hotline may then walk away falsely believing that they need to do nothing else to overcome their addiction. For many people, merely calling a hotline is enough to convince them that they have successfully beaten their addiction. Hotlines, of course, are not designed to be an end in themselves. As long as addicts and their families remember that recovering from addiction takes more than a phone call, a hotline can serve a good purpose. Hotlines can play a role in reducing addiction rates, but they cannot work by themselves.

Calling an alcoholic hotline, while helpful, is also easier than the process of treatment itself. When you call the BetterAddictionCare hotline, you are taking a giant step forward toward recovery, but be aware that you have a road ahead of you before you enjoy full sobriety. It's important to have realistic expectations for what you will go through in one of the traditional or alternative rehab programs in our recovery network. Recovery under the supervision of the highly trained counselors and medical personnel in the programs we represent is possible, but it will take dedication on your part as well, whether you are an addict or want to help an addict. But if you're willing to put in the effort once we match you with safe, cost-effective treatment, you can achieve a lasting recovery. Call today or fill out our contact form for more information on how BetterAddictionCare can help you move beyond an alcohol abuse hotline to full sobriety.

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