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Drug Rehabs that Accept Medicare

As the elderly are one of the most vulnerable populations when it comes to addiction, more seniors are finding themselves in the position of searching for rehabs that accept Medicare. They may, however, experience some disappointment when they discover what types of services are covered by Medicare. Alcohol rehab and drug treatment centers that accept this funding source may not provide all of the resources that seniors need to overcome their addictions. At BetterAddictionCare, we realize that seniors can be in need of the best treatment possible when they want to start healing. As such, we've included alternative rehab programs in our nationwide recovery network that accept private insurance and out-of-pocket payments, many of which will work with patients to set up payment plans for their treatment, to ensure that seniors have access to top facilities and quality care.

Most seniors who are interested in attending a rehab that accepts Medicare will first have to carefully consider what kind of coverage that they have. Programs like Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage may offer different types of benefits, which can affect the kinds of treatment available to addicts. Similarly, supplemental insurance programs like Medigap may be able to cover costs of treatment that regular Medicare does not. Medicare enrollment choices can influence how much seniors will have to pay for addiction recovery treatment; Part A may provide benefits that can pay for inpatient treatment, while Part B can cover up to 80% of the cost associated with outpatient care. At BetterAddictionCare, we understand that these sorts of limitations and restrictions can present challenges for seniors, which is why we work with top facilities that cut the red tape and accept private insurance or direct payments.

Before obtaining treatment in a facility that accepts Medicare, elderly substance abusers may first be expected to enroll in an outpatient drug rehab. Medicare may pay for inpatient treatment, but only after outpatient addiction counseling has proven to be ineffective and a doctor has deemed inpatient treatment reasonable and medically necessary. Usually, these physicians have to present proof that inpatient therapy and detox is required or co-occurring disorders exist to justify an inpatient stay at a rehab that accepts Medicare. We know that when seniors need to get help now, there's no time to waste. Speak with a counselor at BetterAddictionCare and we'll find treatment facilities near you that offer medically assisted detoxes and are accepting new patients for immediate admission.

Physicians may also have to provide documentation to support the need for aftercare therapies if patients want to have these services covered by Medicare. Rehab centers can be beholden to Medicare when approving of services or administering them in these cases. The facilities in our recovery network staff professionals that understand that good aftercare support services are important after a successful stay in drug rehab. Medicare patients who want to get the most out of services provided by our rehabs may opt to pay out of pocket or through another form of insurance. Call today to speak with a counselor who can discuss your payment options for comprehensive treatment; our conversations will remain 100% confidential as you determine which facility will help you get sober.

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