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Drug Treatment Options

Drug addiction can cause severe disruptions, negatively impacting both personal and professional relationships. Addiction may be characterized by compulsively seeking out and abusing a substance regardless of consequences due to the changes that occur in the brain that form a chemical dependency. Relapse is also a common occurrence for many struggling with addiction and substance abuse. When it's time to start healing, patients and families have a variety of unique rehab options that can be leveraged in order to aid in a successful recovery.

Treatment options for substance abuse can be successful, but this is not a simple process; it requires resolve and a good support system. Stopping the use of drugs for a short time is not the way to recover. Abstinence from the drug is only the first step in rehab. To stay drug-free and work towards long-term addiction recovery, patients will need to implement additional drug treatment options. A treatment plan should be customized to fit each patient's individualized needs.

Effective Treatment Options for Addiction

Drug addiction actually changes the way the brain functions, which in turn leads to specific behaviors. Initially, a treatment plan must focus on physical withdrawal symptoms as the abused substance leaves the body. Patients withdrawing from alcohol and some drugs may experience painful and life-threatening symptoms that require medically-assisted detoxification. Other patients may experience extremely uncomfortable physical symptoms of withdrawal that may be lessened with prescribed medications.

Once the initial withdrawal period is over, rehab options shift from the physical to the psychological and emotional to help patients explore the reasons for the addiction and new options for more healthful coping. These drug rehab options include addiction counseling with highly trained therapists, group therapy with peers struggling with similar addictions, and family counseling to address relationship issues in a patient's personal life. Many facilities also offer exercise classes, meditation, and alternative rehab programs with a spiritual or new age focus. After discharge, rehab generally involves ongoing outpatient therapy to assist and support patients.

BetterAddictionCare's Nationwide Network of Addiction Treatment Centers

BetterAddictionCare can assist those exploring drug treatment options through our nationwide network of rehab and addiction treatment facilities. These treatment centers can offer the best in addiction recovery with many offering immediate admissions for new patients. Facilities may also offer safe and comfortable medically-assisted detoxification to those in need. Call today to speak with one of our highly trained Client Care Specialists. We conduct a professional pre-screening interview to learn about your specific needs, enabling us to find the right individualized treatment program to ensure success. You can also fill out our contact form on our website, and we will call to offer personalized assistance. Let us help you get sober today.

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