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Crack Withdrawal

Whether you or someone you love is trying to quit the crack habit, crack withdrawal is a process that will take some time. During detox, the addict will experience many crack withdrawal symptoms, so finding safe, comfortable, and professional addiction recovery treatment is always recommended. While addicts go through withdrawal and seek assistance to get sober, they should have at least a basic understanding of the withdrawal effects they will experience as they detox. Knowing these now can help you or another crack addict be prepared for what it will take to enjoy a successful recovery.

Common Crack Withdrawal Symptoms

The period in which recovering addicts experience the most acute crack cocaine withdrawal symptoms occurs during the first one to three days of treatment. During this period, crack addicts who are in traditional or alternative rehab programs may face hallucinations. Extreme anxiety or paranoia are common. Having knowledgeable, medically trained supervision can make a big difference at this stage, as treatment can often be administered to dull the worst effects of these crack cocaine withdrawal symptoms. Once about three days have passed, most of those who are undergoing withdrawal from crack no longer endure auditory and visual hallucinations, and the anxiety may subside to some degree.

However, it will be some time before crack withdrawal is complete. It may take some people up to four weeks to be fully rid of the physical withdrawal symptoms. Addiction counseling during this time is critical and private and group therapy at an inpatient facility often proves highly successful. Inpatient treatment provides close supervision of crack addicts as they endure psychological symptoms such as depression and irritability. Insomnia is not uncommon as people experience drug detox, and those who treat addicts professionally may be able to prescribe medication to help recovering addicts sleep or experience other relief as their bodies readjust to life without crack.

Qualified Treatment

At BetterAddictionCare, we have helped many former crack addicts as they have worked through their crack withdrawal symptoms on their path to sobriety. We assist people as they navigate the process of finding the right addiction recovery center, applying for help through private insurance, and more. We can help you speak with a counselor who specializes in assisting crack addicts, and we can put you touch with an addiction treatment program near you. The providers in our network are accepting new patients, so contact us today to get the professional assistance you need.

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