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Crack Side Effects

All addictive drugs are bad for the body, but some drugs damage our bodily systems more quickly than others. One of the illegal drugs that cause the most damage at the fastest rate is crack cocaine. The side effects of crack are legion, and being aware of them can help keep people from trying the drug. Learning about crack side effects can also help you understand why you should seek professional help if you or someone you love is a crack addict.

Crack's Addictive Potential

Addiction is one of the long-term effects of crack because of what it does to the human brain. When consumed, crack causes the release of large quantities of dopamine, a neurotransmitting chemical that is produced when the body experiences pleasure. Because crack is so effective at causing dopamine production, intense euphoria is one of the immediate side effects of smoking crack. The body comes to crave the drug, often in greater quantities, to produce the same high, making it incredibly difficult to get sober and kick the habit without the top medical care and addiction treatment.

Crack's Side Effects

The euphoria that crack causes comes along with many other unpleasant or dangerous side effects of crack. In the short term, crack side effects include increased heart rate and blood pressure. Because of this, many people who had undetected heart problems have suffered death after using the drug. Use of crack causes the heart and circulatory system to work harder, leading to damage and potential death. Other side effects of smoking crack include short-term bouts of anxiety and extreme paranoia.

The long-term effects of crack prompt many addicts to seek treatment. Over time, persistent use of crack can cause more permanent mood alterations, such as depression. To start healing from such conditions, talk therapy through addiction counseling and even medical treatment with other drugs may be necessary. Other side effects of crack that can prompt people to look for comfortable and successful treatment include increased chances of engaging in risky behavior. Damage to the brain and reproductive systems are also among the more serious crack side effects.

Stop Crack's Damage

At BetterAddictionCare, we specialize in helping people find the customized assistance they need to end a crack addiction and negate the long-term effects of crack. We can assist you with getting admitted to one of the many traditional or alternative rehab programs in our addiction recovery network. You can get help now for the side effects of smoking crack when you fill out our contact form or call us. Your information will be completely confidential, and we can put you in touch with a safe treatment facility staffed with highly trained professional addiction treatment specialists.

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