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Codeine Detox

At BetterAddictionCare, we've designed an addiction recovery network that provides addicts with the information and resources they need to safely detox from codeine, at a top rehab facility. Though the particular effects of detoxing from codeine may vary from person to person, certain commonalities have been observed. Physical withdrawal symptoms can present and remain intense during the first few days and, after a week, symptoms of a codeine detox can include psychological effects and extend to dehydration that may persist as the body attempts to expel toxins from the system. Addicts may continue to detox from codeine even months after the last dose has been taken and can battle cravings and depression as their bodies readjust to not having the drug. For these and many other reasons, codeine addicts need customized treatment and supportive addiction counseling when detoxing - especially if a gradual tapering off of the drug is deemed necessary by medical professionals.

A detox from codeine without the supervision and assistance of highly trained medical professionals can be dangerous. Those suffering from codeine dependency may be ill-equipped to handle the physical, mental, and emotional side effects of attempting to quit or taper off from the drug by themselves. Going "cold turkey" can present further problems, as many users are unaware of the very serious side effects and withdrawal symptoms that can occur after the sudden cessation of drug ingestion. Additionally, statistics show that abusers of codeine are more likely to relapse if they attempt to detox on their own, since withdrawal symptoms can be intense enough to convince addicts to start taking the drug again, if only to relieve the pain of detox. This is why obtaining the support found within a top addiction recovery or rehab center offering medically-assisted detox designed to minimize discomfort should be the first step when addicts want to start healing.

A successful codeine detox will include a well-thought out, individualized addiction recovery strategy to minimize the likelihood of relapse. This may include a slow and deliberate tapering off of codeine, supplemented by carefully monitored medications, like Suboxone and methadone, which can be used to ease withdrawal symptoms and make detox safe and more comfortable for patients with severe addictions. Alternative rehab programs in our nationwide network are fully equipped to address all levels of addiction to codeine and can help guide addicts through every step of a successful codeine detox with care and compassion. Call today or fill out our contact form to speak with a counselor and find the right rehab center or inpatient program that works with your private insurance to get sober and start living a codeine-free life.

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