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Bath Salt Side Effects

When drugs like methamphetamines and cocaine become too expensive, many users turn to bath salts. They're less expensive and easier to gain access to, and the results are often the same: a high that creates a sense of euphoria and ends with a person craving more of the drug and the high. But bath salts' side effects are nothing to ignore. They have the potential to cause short- and long-term damage to both the body and the mind.

To get a grip on the problem right away, it's important to seek treatment for the side effects of bath salts. With help from BetterAddictionCare, users can choose a customized treatment program that includes addiction counseling and inpatient services. Because withdrawal symptoms are common, it's ideal to be in a safe and comfortable place with medically-assisted detox readily available. Don't let the long-term effects of bath salts ruin your life. Call today to speak with a counselor and take advantage of our 100% confidential services. Many locations are accepting new patients immediately.

One of the scariest aspects of bath salts' side effects is the time period when a person comes down from the high. For hours, users may be trapped in a cycle of depression and paranoia that are difficult to overcome. Because the drug takes away inhibitions, it isn't unusual to see users go to extreme measures to avoid the letdown and score their next hit as soon as possible.

In addition to bouts of euphoria and even depression that many users experience while taking the drug, there are other adverse side effects of bath salts that often require medical attention. These include:

  • Cardiac concerns, such as increases in heart rate and blood pressure
  • Psychiatric issues like agitation and aggressiveness
  • Neurological problems leading to severe psychosis and paranoia

When it comes to bath salts, long-term effects will vary from one person to the next. However, permanent damage can be done to both the liver and the kidneys. The muscles of the body can begin to break down and remain unable to recover from the drug use. Users also may experience a swelling of the brain. Bath salt side effects, including death, can be devastating to families and friends as well as the user.

Are you concerned about the long-term effects of bath salts on a loved one? Are you wondering if there is any hope for them to break free and start healing? We work with some of the top rehab facilities nationwide, allowing you to find the treatment option that is best for you and your loved one. Addiction recovery is possible, as we make the success of our clients a real priority. Fill out our contact form to get in touch with one of our client care specialists. Many rehab opportunities are available through our recovery network, including alternative rehab programs.

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