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Alcohol Detox Centers in Mesa, Arizona

Are you a resident of or visitor to Mesa, AZ and addicted to drugs? Do not answer "no" to that question too quickly. After all, many people are addicted to drugs without realizing it and may not be aware of their need for rehab. Mesa, AZ, residents and visitors may have become dependent on opioid pain medications, for instance, after first being prescribed them legally to treat pain in the aftermath of a surgery. If you live in Mesa and you find yourself continually thinking about a particular drug and coming up with "creative" ways to get more of it, then you are likely addicted to it. Do not fear, however, for there are many traditional and alternative rehab programs available in Mesa to help you overcome your addiction, and when you call BetterAddictionCare, we can help you find the right one.

Addiction Treatment in Mesa

When it comes to drug rehab, Mesa, AZ, residents often select inpatient treatment in the city because of its obvious convenience. Mesa's location 20 miles outside of Phoenix also makes it a logical place for residents of the capital to get treatment. But it is not unusual for residents of other parts of the country to select the city of Mesa as the place where they want to start healing from their addiction. The warm, dry weather makes it an excellent locale for recovery, particularly when other health conditions are also present.

No matter your reason for choosing the city for rehab, Mesa, AZ, drug programs can help you get sober. The Mesa facilities in our recovery network provide treatments including both medically supervised detox and addiction counseling. The negative physical effects associated with detox cause many people to give up after being in treatment for only a short time, but addicts who enjoy medical supervision while detoxing are far more comfortable than if they do not have such supervision and are thus less likely to quit treatment. When they look into drug rehab, Mesa, AZ, residents and visitors should also make sure that they will receive quality counseling from highly trained professionals as part of their inpatient treatment. Addicts routinely report that effective counseling is what makes the difference between short-term and long-term recovery.

Getting Help

At BetterAddictionCare, our network of accredited rehab programs includes facilities nationwide, including the top facilities in Mesa. We work only with the most cost-effective and highest quality providers, so you can be sure that you are getting affordable treatment that can actually help you. Our addiction treatment specialists are standing by to help you find Mesa rehab facilities that are accepting new patients and offer customized programs that will be best for your needs. Call us today or fill out our contact form and we will help you get the assistance you need.

Archways Recovery Centers

2222 S Dobson Rd, Suite 1002 MesaArizona  85202
Google Rating: 3.7

Evolution Way

724 W University Drive, Suite 103 MesaArizona  85201
Google Rating: 5

Soba Recovery Center Mesa

MesaArizona  85215
Google Rating: 4

Total Life Change Treatment Center

32 S Macdonald Street MesaArizona  85210
Google Rating: 4.1

Canyon Vista Recovery Center

860 North Center Street MesaArizona  85201
Google Rating: 3.4

New Hope Behavioral Health Center

215 South Power Road Suite 114 MesaArizona  85206
Google Rating: 4

Sage Counseling

1830 South Alma School Road Suite 101 MesaArizona  85210
Google Rating: 4

Arizona Addiction Treatment Programs

525 West Southern Avenue Suite 109 MesaArizona  85210
Google Rating: 3

Enrichment Family & Individual Counseling

310 North Dobson Road Suite 5 MesaArizona  85201
Google Rating: 3


423 North Country Club Drive Suite 19 MesaArizona  85201
Google Rating: 3.2

East Valley Substance Abuse

1550 East University Drive Suite F-1 MesaArizona  85203
Google Rating: 3.9

Symphony Of Mesa

3130 East Broadway Road MesaArizona  85204
Google Rating: 2

Springdale Village

7255 East Broadway Road MesaArizona  85208
Google Rating: 3.7

The Crossroads Red Mountain

143 South Center Street MesaArizona  85210
Google Rating: 3.4


6942 East Lomita Avenue MesaArizona  85209

Community Bridges - Administration

1811 S. Alma School Road , Suite 160 MesaArizona  85210
Google Rating: 3.5

Community Bridges - Center For Hope

560 South Bellview Street MesaArizona  85204

Desert Winds Counseling

925 North Stapley Drive Suite A MesaArizona  85203

Mesa Alano Club

145 East 1st Avenue MesaArizona  85210
Google Rating: 4.8

Alcoholism And Drug Detox Help

1225 W. Main St. , Suite 101-478 MesaArizona  85201

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