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Amphetamine Side Effects

Individuals may begin using amphetamines for any number of reasons. Students may view them as a study aid, while adults may pursue the energy boost that can come with increased production of certain neurotransmitters. Regardless of why an addiction develops, the side effects of amphetamine abuse can quickly become devastating. If ignored for too long, there may be permanent physical and mental consequences. The good news is that there are many different treatment options to help alleviate these side effects, and the addiction counseling included in such programs can provide a strong foundation for a healthy future.

Amphetamine Abuse Side Effects

As with any type of drug, the emergence of side effects is always a possibility. In the case of amphetamine abuse, side effects in the early stages of use are relatively easy to overlook. An individual may display signs of high energy or euphoria, increased ability to focus, a decreased appetite, and a dry mouth. Other side effects can include dilated pupils, sexual dysfunction, nausea, and headaches. While uncomfortable, these effects alone may not be enough to dissuade the addict from continuing to take amphetamines.

When the drug is used more frequently, the severity of side effects and withdrawal symptoms increases to dangerous levels. If taken over a long period of time, the negative effects of amphetamines can expand to include brain damage, high blood pressure, skin disorders, hallucinations, heart attacks, and strokes. Death from any one or a combination of these side effects is a very real risk. Even if the side effects never reach a fatal level of severity, the impact they have on the individual and those who care for them make treatment well worth consideration.

Life and Family: Unforeseen Consequences of Amphetamines

Addiction and addiction recovery are highly personal in nature. For many addicts, addiction feels like an individual struggle: Any unpleasant consequences or ramifications of the drug use are perceived to fall solely on their own shoulders. Many fail to recognize that the negative effects of amphetamines extend past the individual and into their environment and those who share it. Amphetamines can contribute to the development of behavioral or psychological disorders such as anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder, making it difficult to meet day-to-day obligations and maintain relationships with loved ones. And if amphetamines are used during pregnancy, the fetus may be born suffering from physical defects.

If you or a loved one are struggling with amphetamine abuse, side effects are a clear indication that treatment should be sought as soon as possible. BetterAddictionCare makes it easy to find the right treatment program with our pre-screening assessment, which can match you with the right choice from our nationwide recovery network of traditional and alternative rehab programs. After determining the best match for you, our team of client care specialists can coordinate any transportation and private insurance requirements so you can get admitted and start treatment right away. A medically assisted detox will help keep you comfortable and safe through withdrawal, and addiction counseling can be used to develop a strategy for a successful recovery.

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