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Rehab for Alcoholics

Unhealthy alcohol use can be a problem if left untreated. Alcoholism is defined as not being able to control your drinking, becoming preoccupied by alcohol, using alcohol even though it causes problems in your life, needing a larger quantity to produce the same effect, and experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you stop drinking. Feelings of withdrawal can set in within a couple of hours or a few days, varying from person to person. Withdrawal symptoms include sweating, increased heart rate, shaking hands, insomnia, nausea, vomiting, hallucinating, and feeling anxious. Using too much alcohol can jeopardize your safety and overall health. If you think your drinking habits are a problem, it is important to get help as early as possible. An alcoholic rehab facility may be a good option for you.

BetterAddictionCare has a national network of treatment centers, and we are committed to helping those with alcoholism find the right alcoholic rehab facility for them to start healing and get sober. Alcoholism rehab starts with the detoxification process. The rehab clinics for alcoholics that we work with know that detox is important because it removes all of the alcohol toxins from your body. It is important not to stop treatment after detox because the reasons behind your addiction have not been addressed yet. The alcoholic rehab centers we use offer medically assisted detox designed to keep clients safe and comfortable while experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Once detox is completed, you will enter the rehabilitation process, where you will get to the reasons behind your addiction and address them properly so you can move past them and live a healthy life.

There are several options for rehab for alcoholics, and determining which one to use will depend on the amount and type of treatment needed. Long-term and short-term residential treatment options are available. Long-term options are not typically hospital-based. A therapeutic community, or TC, is the best-known long-term residential treatment model. Here, patients plan to stay between three and 12 months and care is provided 24 hours a day. The focus in a therapeutic community is re-socialization, and everyone at the facility plays an important role in this. Short-term programs sometimes focus on the 12-step approach, and the patient usually stays at the treatment facility for three to six weeks. Once released, they move to extended outpatient therapy to reduce the risk of relapse.

At BetterAddictionCare, we know that deciding on rehab for alcoholics is a very serious and difficult decision. We provide individualized pre-screening procedures to determine the best treatment center match for you. Immediate facility admissions are available, with transportation and insurance requirement coordination taken care of by our professional client care specialists. After-treatment support services are provided by a committed recovery team that is there to support your success. BetterAddictionCare is 100% confidential every step of the way. Enter your address to view facilities near you. You can also fill out our contact form or call today to speak with our highly trained staff. You can get help now!

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