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High Functioning Alcoholics

High-functioning alcoholics often hide in plain sight. From the outside, they may not seem to have a problem, but in reality, the relationship between the individual and alcohol is much more sinister than it appears. Despite the appearance of everything being OK, behind the scenes, alcoholism can tear apart families and ruin lives. Time is of the essence when it comes to seeking assistance. If you are living with a high-functioning alcoholic, don't wait to find the help you both need.

BetterAddictionCare understands the complicated relationship that a person can have with alcohol. We know that every person is different and there is no one solution that is going to work for everyone. That's why we've put together a recovery network that offers customized, cost-effective programs for alcoholics who are struggling to admit that they have a problem. Call today to speak with a counselor about the available treatment options.

Are you concerned that you might be a high-functioning alcoholic? Do you think your loved one could be struggling with alcoholism? Here are several signs of a high-functioning alcoholic:

  • Choosing alcohol instead of food
  • Becoming out of sorts without alcohol
  • Changing behavior after drinking
  • Blackouts
  • Making plans around drinking
  • Consistently waking up with a hangover

These signs are just a few examples of why there can be tension when it comes to high-functioning alcoholics and relationships. Loved ones and friends can see the signs but aren't sure what to do. The ideal way to get sober involves a program that offers addiction counseling, a highly trained staff, and a comfortable environment. Let Better Addiction Care find the right treatment center, offering immediate facility admissions and 100% confidentiality.

Denial is often the biggest hurdle for high-functioning alcoholics. Because they still go to work and carry on with a normal day, they don't feel like they really have a problem. But their bodies may tell a different story. The effects of alcoholism take their toll on the body. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, there are 25 different types of chronic diseases and conditions that can be a result of alcoholism. If you are living with a high-functioning alcoholic, it's time to get help now, before long-term damage is done to your loved one's body.

If you've started to see the signs of a high-functioning alcoholic in a loved one, we can help. Fill out our contact form to be connected with one of our client care specialists. We can find a facility near you or search through our nationwide network of addiction recovery centers. Living with a high-functioning alcoholic isn't easy, so we also provide assistance for loved ones who are struggling because of the negative effects of high-functioning alcoholics and relationships with them. Call today and get help.

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