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12 Steps of Recovery

For more than 80 years, the 12 steps of recovery have been used by Alcoholics Anonymous to help those suffering from alcohol addiction find direction and purpose. Their creators, Dr. Robert Holbrook Smith and Bill Wilson, realized that recovering from addiction is frightening and it is easy to become discouraged by unrealistic expectations. The 12 steps of AA are a guideline designed to help those seeking recovery face their addiction, see the consequences of their actions, and seek forgiveness not just from those they have injured but from themselves as well.

AA's 12 Steps

  1. Admit that alcohol has taken control of our lives and our lives have become chaotic.
  2. Understand that assistance is needed to help overcome our addiction and that help takes the form of a higher power.
  3. Make the decision to accept that our will is flawed, and surrender our lives to our understanding of a higher power.
  4. Look inward to assess our own morals and flaws.
  5. Admit to our higher power, to another person, and to ourselves our wrongdoings.
  6. Be ready and willing for our higher power to correct the flaws in our character.
  7. Ask our higher power to correct our flaws in character.
  8. Create a list of those we have harmed during our struggle with addiction, and decide to make amends to all of them.
  9. Make amends, whenever possible, to those we have harmed. The only exceptions to this should be when making amends will cause injury to ourselves, the person we have wronged, or others.
  10. Resolve to continue to assess our internal flaws and correct them immediately. This will prevent us from falling back into the trap of needing to use alcohol to deal with problems that seem to grow beyond our control.
  11. Seek to improve our connection to our higher power and ask for help to carry out its will.
  12. Come to see that the earlier 11 steps have not only helped us overcome our addiction but have created within us a spiritual awakening. Resolve to bring the message of the 12 steps, AA, and any other assistance we can to those suffering from alcohol addiction and to use these principles in our daily lives.

While the 12 steps rely heavily on religious language and the belief in a higher power to help guide the individual through their recovery, that higher power can take any form that fits with an addict's belief system or lack thereof, whether it's God, Allah, or concepts like reality or truth. People of a variety of faiths or none at all have adapted the 12 steps of AA to meet their unique personal needs.

BetterAddictionCare knows and understands that while programs such as the AA 12 steps and others can be helpful to many, they are quite often not the best choice when you first begin recovering from addiction. We are dedicated to helping those suffering from alcohol and drug addiction regain control of their lives by finding the best treatment options for you. We know that asking for help is the hardest step and have created a nationwide network of treatment centers that can help you and your family start on the road to recovery.

We believe that the best, most effective treatment program for you is one that is customized to your individualized needs, including potential health complications resulting from your addiction. Our affiliates are chosen from top-rated recovery centers, including alternative rehab programs and those that offer both inpatient and outpatient services, so we can find the right treatment center to help you get sober and stay sober. Our services are always 100% confidential. Call today or fill out our contact form to speak with a counselor and start healing now.

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