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Alcohol Rehab

Millions of Americans struggle with alcohol addiction. If you or a loved one are affected by addiction, you may be wondering what the alcohol rehab process consists of and what to expect. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to rehab for alcohol addicts. Choosing the correct program and alcohol rehab center is an individualized process and a personal experience. When you call BetterAddictionCare, we'll examine your needs and the qualities of the alcohol rehab centers in our nationwide network to help choose the facility that is best for you.

Curing an addiction takes continuous effort, and the work continues even after an individual has stopped abusing alcohol. In rehab, alcohol addicts must learn to rebuild their life without the use of alcohol. Recovery is often thought of as a process and not an event. The client will pass through several stages of alcohol rehab after the initiation into treatment. The first stage is detox, in which the client will be offered a safe, supportive environment as they experience medically supervised detoxification and withdrawal. Then comes a period of learning coping mechanisms and gaining the necessary tools to overcome addiction, which is often done on an inpatient basis at first. The next stage is maintenance, during which the client tests their sobriety in the real world. This stage is full of challenges and is an emotionally trying time for the client. This stage usually continues through the first five years of recovery. The final stage is advanced recovery. At this point, sobriety becomes a habit that is easier to manage.

Alcohol rehab programs can vary in length and are typically 30 days or 90 days long. A variety of different tools are part of treatment at alcohol rehab centers. Some of the most common elements of a rehabilitation program include individual and group counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, medication, recovery support services, 12-step programs, and peer support networks. Clients and those helping them to recover will have to decide whether an inpatient or outpatient program is the best fit for them. Some other important factors to consider are cost, amenities, program philosophy, location, type of setting (beach, mountain, or residential neighborhood, for instance), and program specializations.

With so many factors to consider, you may not know where to begin in the search for an alcohol rehab program. BetterAddictionCare can answer your questions and guide you through the process in a comfortable, confidential setting. We offer immediate facility admissions, after-treatment support services, and transportation and insurance requirement coordination through our team of client care specialists. Call today or fill out our contact form to get help now and find an alcohol rehab center near you.

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